Top 5 Translation agencies in Paris

Agences de traduction à Paris

Are you searching for an effective, reliable translation agency in Paris and don’t know which one to choose?
Good news; we have prepared a list of the Top 5 to help you distinguish the best from among numerous Parisian translation agencies!

THEBAULT Consulting, number 1 translation agency in Paris

Reliability, professionalism and expertise, both in the translation process and in customer relations have made this agency a benchmark in the world of translation. THEBAULT Consulting has earned first place among translation agencies in Paris: a team of 4 efficient responsive collaborators.

Overall, the services provided are varied; ranging from legal translations to trade and marketing fields.
The mastery of various languages is an undeniable advantage of this translation agency. To precisely translate legal texts, it is essential that the translator has the appropriate terminology from the various fields of law, finance, taxation, etc.
The THEBAULT Consulting team is ready to assist you immediately to translate your documents within the deadlines. The agency specialises in urgent translations, particularly for major international law firms (FIDAL, KPMG, etc.). To provide clients with guaranteed quality, THEBAULT Consulting ensures double proofreading by different professionals.

Translators have university and empirical linguistic training. They only translate into their native language and all have solid experience of more than 15 years. Each have worked in the translation departments of international law firms, ministries, multinational companies, and state agencies abroad.

THEBAULT Consulting has a reliable, rapid and efficient translation process; you send your documents, a precise quote is quickly sent to you, and translations can be completed within very short deadlines. 

Alpis Translation

In second place in our top 5 of the best translation agencies in Paris, there is Alpis Traduction. This is a multi-tasking agency, the team is specialises in many areas of expertise. They also specialise both in translation, transcriptions, sworn translations as well as interpreting at multilingual events etc.

Alpis offers translation and interpreting services in France and abroad to large companies and SMEs. Alpis has a network of 500 selected translators and interpreters who share the same values as their agency. Alpis covers a wide territory so that you can find a service provider closest to you.

The innovative tools with which the agency works make it possible to offer unique tailor-made solutions at an attractive quality/price ratio. Moreover, any translator, interpreter or other professional who wishes to work with the Alpis agency must fulfil several requirements, in particular professional secrecy. Quality and confidentiality are ensured by qualified translators at the Alpis agency. To request a quote, simply fill out the contact form on the website or even call the agency; the Alpis Traduction team is at your disposal.


AgeTrad agency steps up to third place on the podium of the best translation agencies in Paris. The agency has implemented several innovative tools: online payment, sworn translations, a combination of nine languages, aimed at being as practical as they are efficient.

Agetrad provides a responsive and perfectly reliable service. Indeed, after a quote request, an answer is given within 24 hours maximum, whatever the field. The experienced team handles general fields as well as more technical topics such as economics and finance. To ensure quality follow-up, the agency provides you with a single point of contact, so the same person always manages your case and will call on the competent translator suited to your needs. This agency specialises in 9 languages: English, German, Arabic, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Russian and Portuguese. Agetrad translates from French into other languages. Responsive and reliable, Agetrad offers a truly exceptional service. 

MaxiTrad, number 4 among the Top translation agencies in Paris

MaxiTrad is fourth in the top 5 Parisian translation agencies. This agency provides different types of translations: human translation, machine translation, sworn translation, technical translation, as well as proofreading and transcription from audio files. Since 2009 MaxiTrad has been providing professional translation services to companies, administrations and associations. 

In order to adapt their translation services, MaxiTrad, by 2023 they intend to offer an online ordering and payment platform called EasyTrad designed for individuals and students. The services will mainly focus on administrative and academic documents for which an official sworn translation is required.
MaxiTrad maintains a quality charter in order to provide a high quality service. 

Translators only work with their native language, and are experts in a specific area or field. All teams involved in your project from the quote to the final delivery are bound by a confidentiality agreement. It is an efficient agency in all aspects of translation, including project management, with a precise production process adapted to each project. To contact MaxiTrad, there is the physical store in Paris, a contact form online and a direct line. 


Traduire is fifth in our top 5 translation agencies in Paris. The agency has focused on legal translations since 1991, this specialisation and experience allow them to consistently ensure tight deadlines. They are veritable experts in legal translation. As the translators of the Traduire agency are also attorneys and lawyers, they perfectly master their field. The agency guarantees the quality of their services founded on solid experience and veritable specialisation. Final proofreading is done by a second translator and translations are certified on request. For quote requests, documents can be sent by e-mail or by fax.