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Get high-quality translations within ultra-short deadlines. Our translation agency specialises in translating sensitive documents for the most exacting clients.

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delivery deadlines

We are highly responsive to urgent requests requiring a high level of availability. We can work nights and weekends to meet your deadlines.

Double review

To be guaranteed a translation of irreproachable quality, all our documents are double reviewed by different people.

Human translation

Nothing beats a human. In the times of artificial intelligence, we use experienced translators whose responsiveness and quality cannot be bettered.

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About Thebault Consulting translation agency

We are
ultra-responsive experts

We set up a group of 4 people, working as a team, for each translation project.

A specialized translator is selected on the basis of the language pairing and the type of document in question.

Working alongside the translator is a qualified proofreader, who proofreads and corrects the text if necessary and then validates or confirms certain terms. (All our proofreaders have a masters or a doctorate in linguistics.)

Our graphic designer, working with QuarkExpress, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, can format pages so they are as identical to the source text as necessary.  A project manager supervises all stages of the translation, ensuring the client’s instructions have been followed and asking the client any questions needed to avoid guesswork and return a professional and high-quality translation on deadline.

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Key Account and independent clients


Selected senior translators

They have benefitted from our premium translation service delivering translations within ultra-short deadlines

Our client testimonials

Isabelle Galand Padrao

Department Director at Cabinet Fidal

“Thébault Consulting have looked after my legal translations for many years. It is consistently high-quality work. I greatly appreciate the professionalism, efficiency and responsiveness.”

beatrice defosse ofh

Béatrice Defosse

Legal Director at Groupe OFH and Argosyn (3SI)

“Extremely responsive, excellent quality. They make completely pertinent suggestions and ask legitimate questions to ensure the translation is correct for a specific context.”

Laurence Mazevet

Associate lawyer at KPMG Avocats

“Thébault Consulting delivers fast, high quality translations at reasonable rates while always considering our requirements.”

Eric Joan CEO

Eric Joan

CEO at Groupe Hamelin

“I absolutely recommend Thébault Consulting.”

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Jean-Louis Medioni

Director of Human Resources Europe at Bacardi

“The excellent quality of the translations and the responsiveness of the teams are very satisfying indeed.”

Henri Zouingnan

Legal Manager at Intersnack France SAS

“I appreciate the high quality work and the team responsiveness.”

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Our goal:

"Delivering high quality copy in record time for the most demanding clients."

Why choose our translation agency in Paris?

High-quality results for your urgent translations

In a few simple steps

A fast and efficient translation process

Thébault Consulting can deliver extremely urgent translations:
– within 24 hours, working evenings and nights, over the weekends for urgent requests.

Send your files

Get your customised quotation

We are committed to responding rapidly to your request.

Get your translations within ⁣⁣ultra-short deadlines

We provide an express translation service while never compromising on our high quality.

A translation agency in Paris specialising in 3 areas of expertise

A network of expert translators

Our translators have not only language degrees, but are also in-house lawyers, attorneys at the bar, consultants, university professors, tax lawyers, accountants and sworn translators registered with the Appeal Court.
They always translate into their mother tongue and have solid experience of over 15 years, continuously improving their skills through training.
They have worked in the translation divisions of international law firms, ministries, multinationals, government agencies located abroad, European courts and translation agencies.

Legal translation

The translators and proofreaders we select are loyal to your projects, which ensures consistent quality and terminology as your business evolves.
They are bound by confidentiality agreements.
traduction financiere et fiscale

Financial and tax translation

Tax law, Tax audit and litigation, Corporate taxation, Personal taxation, International taxation
Transfer pricing, Taxation of expatriates, Indirect taxation, Taxation of associations and foundations
traduction assermentee paris

Sworn translations in Paris

For more than 20 years, we have selected a network of sworn translators registered with the Appeal Court who are trusted and approved by our clients, and who work as a team with our specialized translators and proofreaders.
All certified (or sworn) translations are reread and checked before being certified, meaning terminology can be discussed, the relevant questions asked and any guesswork avoided.
Our translators at the Appeal Court work closely with our specialized translators, accepting any comments or changes to improve and perfect the translations.
traduction pour marketing

Commercial and marketing translations

Translation of powerpoint presentations, product datasheets, advertising.
A premium quality translation to be commercially persuasive.

Get your translations within optimum time frames

Upload your files and your brief and we’ll get back to you fast with a price proposal tailored to your requirements. 

2 factors are decisive: a selective university education and, above all, years of experience translating specialized documents in various international structures.

Adaptability forges a good translator who often has other skills as well as being a linguist; some are lawyers, chartered accountants, auditors and marketing managers who have often translated for their company’s own internal needs.

The translation agency selects freelance translators through quality tests and has teams of internal or external proofreaders (experienced translators themselves) who systematically review and validate all translations.
The translations are thus double checked: by the translator themselves and by a proofreader. It is a team effort that ensures the quality of the translations.

Artificial Intelligence has evolved considerably and allows for approximate translations, it is mostly limited to an efficient translation aid (post-editing), it allows for quick translation and provides a raw translation at first however, without the verification and approval of an experienced translator, there is a real risk of choosing the wrong terms leading to disaster.
We must also question the validation process of the terminology banks that made this tool possible.AI must be mastered, especially in the current context of global exchanges in which many documents have a loose syntax, being written by people who often do not write in their own native language.

Global constraints require us to work more and more quickly outside of time zones. Express translations can meet these expectations, but they will be limited to working documents or drafts; they will be proofread twice, however, the second proofread is more succinct. They will need to be revised if they are to be published.

A sworn (or “sworn” or “certified”) translation is a translation performed by a sworn translator at the Court of Appeal.
He or she has made an oath to the Court that the translations he or she will make will conform to the original source text.
Translation is a team effort, questioning is sometimes necessary to avoid any approximation.
Some documents have been written in a hurry following successive phases of corrections or modifications before arriving at the final document and errors may persist as well as the syntax which may have lost meaning due to the many changes and corrections required.
It is important to exchange information in order to start with a perfectly finalized and understood text and thus deliver a faithful and quality translation.

A word-for-word translation is not!
Delivering a good translation is an exercise in modesty; it is always possible to discuss terms, to improve meaning, to develop it.
The translator’s expertise is to faithfully convey in another language (in this case their own mother tongue) the spirit and meaning of the original writer’s words, even if it means departing slightly from the source text.

The consecutive interpreter usually works alone and is suitable for meetings with few participants.

They listen and then orally translate concisely the discourse of each participant during the mission. A participant first speaks then the interpreter translates for the other participants.

The simultaneous interpreter usually works in a duo (2 interpreters taking turns every 20 minutes).

This type of mission is quite difficult with little manouevering time, relaying interpreters allows continuous interpretation.

Interpreters often work from a booth if the location is so equipped, they may use headsets (their own or provided by their agency, who sometimes rent equipment and cabins if necessary).

Organic translation is quite an ethical and moral choice; it is the choice to prefer human work and trust in years of experience as well as the work done by the translators in order to consistently deliver quality translation with rigorous writing and a style evolved gradually as the professional translator encounters numerous texts over time.

This considerable experience develops expertise and results in extraordinary translations, as opposed to automatic translations carried out by software whose quality and terminological criteria remain uncertain.

Organic translation means putting humans first and avoids undermining the values of newer generations.

On the contrary, it means teaching younger people, supporting them with the knowledge of more experienced professionals and providing decent salaries.

Localisation is a type of translation, firstly faithful to the initial meaning of documents but beyond, thanks to the knowledge and the culture of the translator, is integrated seamlessly into a cultural, social and geographical context in order to adapt to the expectations of a market and to ensure the content is perfectly well understood by the population concerned.