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Are you a professional looking for an expert translator for your sworn, certified or juried documents?
Look no further than our service of certified translations by sworn translators at the Court of Appeal.
We specialize in translating and swearing administrative, legal and notarial documents. Our teamwork approach, involving our expert translators and proofreaders, guarantees quality and official recognition.
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about our sworn translation service

Benefit from a sworn translator at the Court of Appeal

Sworn translations involve the certified translation of legal documents such as legal proceedings, notarial deeds, bailiff’s deeds and administrative documents. It is the only way to authenticate and formalize a document translated before the administrative authorities: that is, it is a certified and recognized translation.
What sets our sworn translation service apart is our partnership with Expert Translators sworn by the Court of Appeal.
Their expertise and in-depth knowledge of legal terminology guarantee accurate translations that are faithful to the legal context and accepted by the relevant authorities.
about our legalization service for your translations


Legalization strong is the procedure that authenticates a public or private act intended to be produced abroad. It makes the deed admissible in a country other than the one in which it was issued.

In fact, it’s worth comparing the legalization procedure with that of obtaining a visa for an individual. A visa is issued by the consulate of the country you wish to visit.

For a document, the principle is the same: its legalization will be its “visa” allowing it to enter a foreign country (the consulate certifies, as it were, that your document has been drawn up in accordance with the laws in force in France and is authentic.

In order to authenticate a document, several legalization procedures are available, depending on the country and the type of document you wish to legalize* :

*It’s important to note that depending on the type of document, the legalization procedure to be carried out will not be identical, even if your two documents must be produced in a single country.

The Apostille

The apostille is a simplified legalization procedure introduced by the Hague Convention of October 5, 1961, ratified by France on January 22, 1965, and to which many countries adhere. This unique formality is used to authenticate public or private documents intended to be produced abroad. The Apostille is issued by the competent Court of Appeal and takes the form of a square stamp bearing the information required to authenticate the document.
why choose our sworn translators for the court of appeal?

We select the best profiles

Our agency guarantees that your legal content will be faithfully translated by experienced sworn experts.
Our proofreading services work as a team with the experts; all translations are proofread and validated before being sworn.

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thebault traducteur assermenté paris

For over 25 years, numerous law firms and multinationals have placed their trust in our sworn translation service.

A sworn translator is a translation professional certified by the French State to provide official, legally recognized translations for judicial, administrative or commercial procedures.

A sworn translator at the Court of Appeal can translate various types of official documents, such as birth certificates, contracts, court rulings, diplomas, judgments and more.

You can find a sworn translator for the Paris Court of Appeal by consulting the official list of translators available on the Court of Appeal website, or by contacting the Court registry directly.

A sworn translator is certified by the state to provide official, legally binding translations, whereas an ordinary translator does not have this certification and his or her translations are not recognized as official documents.

The rates charged by sworn translators vary according to the complexity of the document, the number of words to be translated and the deadline. We recommend that you ask the translator for a personalized quote.

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