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For all tax-related translations, entrust your documents to a specialized agency!

Our tax translation services cover many European and Asian languages. Our translators always translate into their mother tongue.

Many tax lawyers need to communicate with tax authorities in foreign countries. In-depth knowledge of local tax law is a must, and we can provide you with top-quality translations to assist you in your dealings with local authorities.

On behalf of major international law firms, auditors and statutory auditors (FIDAL, KPMG, PWC, CROWE FIDELIO…), we regularly translate documents relating to tax and regulatory compliance, transfer pricing, litigation and arbitration, as well as contracts, articles of association and minutes.

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Our experience in tax translation

Recognized expertise in tax translation

For example, transfer pricing is a complex and important issue for companies operating on a global scale. As a translator specializing in transfer pricing documentation, we have acquired over 20 years’ experience working with Gafams and international lawyers. We scrupulously respect the official terminology of the OECD, the Banque de France, the European Bank and EURLEX, among others.

Our specialist translators have mastered the calculation mechanisms, having translated numerous documents on the subject of transfer pricing, and maintain a high standard of copywriting in the event of audits by the tax authorities, in order to achieve a better understanding of taxation procedures during exchanges.

Our specialist translators have a wide range of high-level profiles, often having worked as auditors for law firms, government departments or as interpreters for international law firms.

about our tax translation service

A tax translation is anything but an approximation!

A good example is European VAT, which applies to trade between two countries belonging to the European Union. Taxation depends on the nature of the transaction (sale of goods or provision of services) and the customer (individual or professional). These are decisive factors, and require knowledge of the conditions applied by legislation in local jurisdictions.

Do you buy or sell goods and/or services abroad? The translator must understand and know how international VAT works, and not just translate words from a dictionary or Artificial Intelligence. Similarly, exchanges within the European Union and outside the EU will generate terminology choices and implications that will enhance your localization. In many cases, there are no legal equivalents from one jurisdiction to another.

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why choose us for your tax translation?

We select the best profiles

Our agency guarantees that your legal documents will be faithfully translated by legal experts. Our proofreading services work as a team with the experts; all certified translations are proofread and validated before swearing.

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Our experience in tax translation

Entrust the translation of your litigation documents to an expert!

The need to learn, update and perfect knowledge in the field of international business litigation is growing all the time, as globalization intensifies and the texts governing litigation develop, particularly at European level.

Litigation does not necessarily end with negotiations, as the law is there to arbitrate beforehand. It generates multiple exchanges between the parties in order to know and respect their respective rights. These exchanges require high-quality translation.

A simple but recurrent example is the notion of “permanent establishment”. To translate this as “stable establishment” would be limiting and not the appropriate expression for the “permanent establishment”.

Certain expressions or words cannot be approximated, they must be understood by all parties involved without the slightest doubt. Translations must have the right word, perfectly understandable and unambiguous to communicate with another jurisdiction.

accurate and reliable tax translation

Surround yourself with translators specialized in tax law

An entire procedure can be called into question by a single term or expression. When it comes to international business, it’s important to always be reactive, and to surround yourself with professionals at every stage.

You’ll avoid mistakes and unnecessary revisions, and save time and efficiency!

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