Sworn translations for legalization purposes

    Entrust us with your documents and we'll ensure they are treated with the utmost safety and confidentiality!  We translate and certify your documents in a number of European, Middle Eastern, Scandinavian, Eastern Euronean and Asian lanquaqes. We also handle the entire legalization procedure.

    We are able to quickly and efficiently complete all administrative procedures. We work with the consulates of all countries and have regular experience with the consulates of the followinq countries: China, Uzbekistan, Eqypt, the Philippines, Iran, United Arab Emirates, Korea, Indonesia, Equador, Ukraine, Peru, Guatemala, India, Uruquay, and more.

     A "turnkey" service

    Thébault Consultinq handles all administrative procedures involved in the legalization process. We can answer all of your questions and provide you with advice. Thanks to over 20 years of experience and our privileged relationships with sworn translators, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, consulates, and other official organizations.



  • Legalization

    Legalization is the procedure to authenticate a public or private document destined to be produced abroad.  It makes this document “valid” or “producible” in any country other than the country in which it was drawn up.  To be able to authenticate a document, there are several possible legalization processes, depending on the country and the type of document you wish to have legalized: apostille, common legalization procedure, legalization procedure valid for certain Arabic countries and waiver.


    The apostille is a legalization procedure simplified by the Hague Convention of 5 October 1961, ratified by France on 22 January 1965 and to which numerous Member States adhere.  This single formality can be used to authenticate public or private documents destined to be produced abroad.

    The apostille is issued by the competent Appeal Court and takes the form of a square stamp, in which the information necessary to authenticate the document is featured.  We can obtain this apostille for you within the shortest possible timeframes.