Simultaneous – Consecutive interpreting

    t Consulting selects the best interpreters with rigorous training from the most selective universities in France and throughout the world. They work exclusively as interpreters and their major strengths are the experience, language skills, and expertise that have made them top-level professionals with rare skills. The interpreters at Thébault Consulting can travel extensively and often have two native languages. They are competent in all techniques, including working in booths, and during round tables and conferences (consecutive and whispered) and are able to meet the requirements of the largest multinational corporations and European organizations.


     All of our interpreters are bound by professional secrecy. We can also sign more specific and detailed confidentiality agreements for each assignment.

    Our interpreters are committing to respecting the secrecy and confidentiality of all confidential information communicated to them on their assignments, and to taking all the necessary precautions to guarantee confidentiality, secrecy and security.  They are prohibited from disclosing confidential information to any other individual or entity.






  • Rush orders

    The interpreters we have selected are responsible and available, so you need not hesitate to contact us for rush orders you may have for business meetings, negotiations or interviews. We can also set up a fixed schedule with one interpreter, who will translate all of your events, thereby ensuring quality and consistency throughout your projects

    Simultaneous interpreting equipment rental 

    Thébault Consulting provides rentals of the best equipment using the latest technology.

    Our installation team takes care of setting up and taking down all equipment

    Equipment (list not exhaustive)

    Fixed or mobile booths for interpreters
    (equipped with desks, microphones and headsets)

    Infrared control
    IR 7 / 12 transmitter and 16 channels, power and control unit, IR heater, stethoscope infrared receivers

    Power amplifier, mixing board, speaker system on stands, rostrum wire microphones, HF handheld microphones for the room, lapel microphones, conferencing system (cases)

    Audiovisual and video equipment
    Video-projectors, micro-computers, overhead projectors, screens with stands, video recorders.