A team set up for each project

    We set up a group of 4 people, working as a team, for each translation project.  A specialized translator is selected on the basis of the language pairing and the type of document in question.  Working alongside the translator is a qualified proofreader, who proofreads and corrects the text if necessary and then validates or confirms certain terms.  (All our proofreaders have a masters in linguistics or a doctorate.)  A graphic designer, working with QuarkExpress, Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign, will format the page to look identical to the source text.  A project manager supervises all stages of the translation, ensuring the client’s instructions have been followed and asking the client any questions needed to avoid guesswork and return a professional and high-quality translation on deadline.


    We aim to retain the same translators and proofreaders on your projects, ensuring a consistent quality and homogeneous terminology as your business develops.

    Our translators are bound by confidentiality agreements.

    A selection of specialized translators

    Our translators have not only language degrees, but are also in-house lawyers, attorneys at the bar, consultants, university professors, tax lawyers, accountants and sworn translators registered with the Appeal Court.  They always translate into their mother tongue and have solid experience of over 15 years, continuously improving their skills through training.  They have worked in the translation divisions of international law firms, ministries, multinationals, government agencies located abroad, European courts and translation agencies.


    Your translations are checked before certification

    For more than 20 years, we have selected a network of sworn translators registered with the Appeal Court who are trusted and approved by our clients, and who work as a team with our specialized translators and proofreaders.  All certified (or sworn) translations are reread and checked before being certified, meaning terminology can be discussed, the relevant questions asked and any guesswork avoided.  Our translators at the Appeal Court work closely with our specialized translators, accepting any comments or changes to improve and perfect the translations.

    Legal documents

    Business law, Company law, Contract law, Mergers-Acquisitions, Business transfers, Litigation, Restructuring, Securities law, Literary and artistic property
    Employment law, Social legislation, Collective bargaining, Individual and group dismissals, Job protection schemes, Employment-related criminal law, Corporate ethics and diversity, Pay

    International litigation and arbitration, Competition law, Consumer protection, Distribution legislation, Real estate

    Financial and tax documents

    Tax legislation, Tax audit and litigation, Corporate taxation, Personal taxation

    International taxation, Transfer pricing, Expatriation taxation, Indirect taxation, Taxation of associations and foundations