The luxury, event and marketing industries, as well as the world of internal and external corporate publications, all require the use of precise and secure language that can be understood worldwide. The  effect of new technologies and the Internet on globalization have reinforced the importance of universal understanding. This phenomenon is also paradoxical, however, since it is necessary to respect each culture and the rich characteristics of each language and country. Thébault Consulting fully masters the management and quality control procedures used in carrying out multilingual translations. Our global network of translators and correspondents allows us to carefully and securely validate all translations.


    Our code of ethics is based on rigor and transparency, and we only translate in our areas of expertise. Our role at Thébault Consulting is to provide advice, while establishing a partnership. We rigorously manage all steps of the translation and quality control process and choose specialized translators and proofreaders who hold professional Master's degrees in translation. Our translators remain active in the world of translation by constantly expanding their skills and knowledge of language, which is in constant evolution, through ongoing training.


    Thébault Consulting processes rush orders, including same-day, evening, overnight and weekend orders.


    Thébault Consulting selects the best translators in communication and publishing. Our translators are publicists, copywriters or language consultants that have experience working in specialized translation agencies, publishing, or multinational corporations. They have a strong culture and in-depth knowledge of other countries, thereby bringing "added value" to your translations. Your projects are supervised by one client-company contact who is involved in all stages of the translation process and oversees the project managers. This contact is attentive to your specific needs and is available at any time to provide you with details about the stage of your project in the translation and quality control process. We call upon the same translator for all of your projects and create a validated terminology database to ensure consistency throughout your translated documents.

    Thebault Consulting works with a network of 350 partners worldwide.


    Our network of 30 independent translators, located throughout Eu­rope, translate into their na­tive languages and come from a variety of backgrounds. They either work in laboratories, are doctors, pharmacists, or bio- chemists, have been trained in agencies specializing in medical and pharmaceutical translation, or else are freelance translators who have gained specialized knowledge by completing high-level training over the past 15 years. Our trans­lators respect the terminology used in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the regulatory guidelines set down by health authorities (ANSM - French Agency for the safety of Health Products, European Pharmacopeia).


    The entire translation process is overseen by a unique client-com­pany contact. We validate all in-house terminology used by laboratories and, as soon as the translation begins, work in teams coordinated by Project Managers in order to effectively share infor­mation and terminology resour­ces. This also allows us to create and update our terminology databases (SDLX / TRADOS, templates and formats). All of our translations are proofread twice: once by the specialized translator who has produced the translation and next by an internal proofreader with a Master's degree specializing in languages (Master's degree from ESIT, Cergy-Pontoise, Paris - Di­derot, the Sorbonne Nouvelle).


    Anesthesia/Intensive Care, Cancerology, Cardiology (including stents), Cardiovascular Diseases, Dermatology (including psoriasis), Diabetology, Medical Devices (cardiovascular, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Oncology, Respirology (including asthma), Rheumatology (including
    osteoporosist), Immunology, Transplantation, Infectious Diseases/Virology (including HIV/AIDS
    ), Neurology (including Alzheimer's), Ophthalmology, Urology (including erectile
    dysfunction), Gynecology


    Registration Applications (CTD format, all modules), Clinical trial protocols / synopses, SPC, Labeling, Package inserts ( Ph. Eur. / Afssaps), Marketing Authorization Variations / Changes, Product Monographs, Abstracts and scientific pu­blications (off-prints), Ethics Committee Opinions, Inspection Reports, Medical Information, Drug Safety Documents, Training Programs (eg.: drug representative training for the launch of new products), Case Report Forms, Consent forms.